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Climate Action

Understanding the complexities of climate change and its implications for your club can be daunting. However, in this section, we aim to provide insights for those involved in the sport to comprehend its environmental impact. We'll also explore how adapting new practices can lead to a lower carbon footprint.

Happy Sports Team

Carbon Footprinting

Understanding your club's carbon footprint is a game-changer, offering invaluable insights into the environmental impact of your operations.


In partnership with Climate Action for Associations, we've crafted our carbon measurement services to empower your sports club in reducing its carbon footprint and championing sustainability.

Carbon Literacy

Save Today, Play Tomorrow is the home of Carbon Literacy training for those working or volunteering in the sports sector, offering the learners the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of the role sport can play in tackling the climate crisis.


In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University they have developed a bespoke course for Grassroots Football specifically aimed at those in the community led game.


Explore our extensive range of resources designed to support your club on its climate action journey. From sustainable practices to carbon reduction strategies, our resources provide essential insights and practical tips to help your club make a meaningful environmental impact.

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