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Carbon Footprinting 

Reducing your
clubs emissions


We've partnered with Climate Action for Associations to offer an affordable, hands-on and simple carbon footprinting service for sports clubs.

Reducing your emissions is the main way to ensure your club is sustainable. We've listed the below steps that any club can take to start your journey to net zero. 

1. Start Your Net Zero Journey

The first step is to agree at a club level and communicate that you are committed to being sustainable and starting your journey to net zero. This is important because it means everyone is on the same page and reducing emissions is a whole organisation activity that involves different people across different areas of the club so it is key that everyone is aware of the direction of travel.

2. Gather and Record Your Emissions

The next thing you need to do is figure out your club's current level of emissions. Scientists call this 'baselining'. Baselining tells you where your club is at so you can put plans in place to reduce your carbon footprint and costs. Depending on the size and type of club you are, this may involve collecting and recording information that relates to your:

  • facilities

  • vehicles

  • electricity

  • heating and cooling

  • waste

3. Reporting

Once you have know what your emissions are and you have put a plan in place to reduce them over a period of years, you will be able to set a target that you can work towards. It's really important to report on and communicate the progress that you make to your staff, members, players, board, committees and general public.

  • travel and transportation

  • suppliers

  • leased assets

  • treatment of sold products (such as sports kit and football boots)

  • purchased goods and services.

We've partnered with Climate Action for Associations (CAFA), to bring you the knowledge

and skills to take away the burden of measuring your footprint. CAFA specialise in helping

clubs just like yours on your journey to net zero.

CAFA has worked with Save Today, Play Tomorrow to create a programme of support especially for

our community, from a grass roots service to a Certified Programme of Support, we've got you covered.

We understand how busy you are but we understand how important it is to be taking action.

Find our more about Climate Action for Association's solutions for sports clubs here.

Climate Action for Associations, climate action, sustainability, collective, climate leadership.

Our Dedicated Services for Clubs:

Enhance efficiency, cut costs, and succeed. We secure low prices, benchmark bills, optimise IT and telecoms, and offer expert advice for your club. Save time, money, stay compliant, and go planet-friendly.

Free Add-On

Your carbon buddy will work with you to measure and report your clubs footprint. You will receive a personalised reduction plan of action and the key steps to take to reach interim and long term net zero targets.

Starting from

£2000+VAT per year.

Not sure where to start? CAFA's tailored online training session for clubs and sports associations will help you to measure and reduce your footprint and operate sustainably.

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Certified Net Zero
Club Service

Carbon Reduction
Training for Clubs

Cost Reduction

A curated series of workshops and support designed to help you measure your emissions, set targets and put plans in place to operate sustainably.


Starting from

£100+VAT per month

Starter Net Zero
Club Service

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