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Pledgeball, pledge, grass roots clubs, sports clubs, sustainability, recycling, impact, social responsbility, climate action.

Pledgeball: Take the Pledge

For many, climate change is a difficult and complex subject to connect with - it is hard to know what to do and whether, as individuals, we can make a difference.  


Pledgeball offers a mechanism by which behaviour change can be brought about in a fun and easy way, empowering individuals by demonstrating the potential impact we can have by making small lifestyle changes, particularly in association with our football clubs.

Using Pledgeball’s unique digital platform, all clubs are eligible to join along with their members, supporters and family and make simple lifestyle choices that help improve the planet and move your club up the Sustainability League Table. Making pledges reaffirms your commitment to making smarter choices, such as how you travel to football, reducing plastic usage, disposing of litter responsibly, and promoting recycling.

Clubs that sign up to the pledge will be challenged to share their success stories and experiences in adopting sustainable practices through our new social platforms. Pledgeball already offers a facility for football fans to support their professional club. The platform has announced partnerships with the Birmingham County FA Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association and Bristol City Football Club.

View Birmingham County FA's case study here.

Pledgeball, grass roots clubs, sustainability, climate action, sports clubs, climate action.

Birmingham FA League Table

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