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Transforming Sport
Today, for a Better Tomorrow

Save Today, Play Tomorrow is the first-of-its-kind sustainability programme in the UK that is committed to transforming the way sport approaches its environmental, social and economic impact.

STPT helps those involved in sports at all levels to make informed decisions that will shape how future generations can enjoy and sustain sports in the long term. 

The Evidence

A new sports strategy set out by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport, set national participation targets of an additional 2.5 million adults and 1 million children active by 2030. Their mission is to build a healthier nation by tackling high levels of inactivity, and make sure that the sport and physical activity sector thrives for future generations.


This involves championing sports' role in sustainability and fostering collaboration within the sector to disseminate knowledge and provide support. Thereby creating a future where sports remain a key point for wellbeing, community, and a greener world for generations to come.

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What do we mean by total sustainability?

We define a 'totally sustainable' sports club as something that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable.

To achieve this, clubs are striving for excellence in all these areas; making choices and decisions that benefit the environment, society, and the club's financial health simultaneously.

Environmental sustainability not only reduces the carbon emissions your club produces, but also helps make cost savings. Social impact initiatives boost community engagement and attracts financial backing in the form of like-minded sponsors and partners. When these pillars align, the club excels both on the field and as a force for positive change.

We recognise many sports clubs are volunteer led and time and resource are a scare commodity, but through the Save Today, Play Tomorrow programme we can support you to strive for excellence.

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