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Why Sponsors Sponsor...

Establishing your
value proposition


Sometimes we get asked…


“Why would a company want to sponsor us?”

“What do we have to offer a sponsor?”

“Why would we be valuable to a sponsor?”

When looking for a sponsor, initially, we encourage you to put yourself in the sponsor’s shoes to understand the value your club represents. We recommend that you consider why a sponsor may want to align itself to your club and target your community.


Here are some key things that sponsors typically look for.

1. Your Community

Fans, players, and staff represent potential customers, decision-makers, influencers, and challenging-to-reach demographics. Sports clubs typically boast a dedicated fan base that aligns with sponsors' target audiences. Sponsoring a sports club enables brands to connect directly with their desired customer base.


Access to valuable data and information within your community is sought after by sponsors aiming to bolster their community presence through support for local sports clubs. This cultivates positive community relationships, portraying the sponsor as a socially responsible and community-focused entity.


2. Opportunities

These opportunities represent strategic touchpoints for sponsors to align themselves with your sports club, offering a multifaceted approach for their brand integration. We mean opportunity in the broadest sense, which could include:


  • Playing shirts and training apparel

  • Perimeter boards and stadium

  • Stands & Scoreboards

  • Reception/office areas

  • Matchday programmes and tickets

  • Hospitality areas

  • Website and social media channels

  • Player sponsorship

  • Pitch and/or training ground

  • Events

3. Channel

Your club possesses channels that sponsors wouldn't typically reach. These are valuable because they allow sponsors to elevate their brand awareness, showcase products and services, and connect with potential customers through your audience. Your club's events, kit, and marketing materials serve as platforms to spotlight the sponsor's brand to a broad audience.

Some other things to consider…

  • Sponsorship will competitively position your sponsors business over others and to your audience.

  • Sponsorship will provide businesses with increased visibility and exposure. The club's events, kit, and marketing become platforms for showcasing the sponsor's brand to a wide audience.

  • Associating a brand with a successful or popular sports club can create positive perceptions among consumers. The achievements and positive image of the club can reflect positively on the sponsor.

  • Sponsorship often includes perks such as access to events, hospitality, and networking opportunities. This allows sponsors to build relationships with their target audience.

  • Sponsors may be motivated by a genuine interest in the sport or the club's mission and values. Supporting a sports club allows sponsors to align with a cause they believe in and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

  • Sporting events can attract media coverage which sponsors can benefit from.

  • Sponsoring sports clubs can positively impact employee morale. It creates a sense of pride and camaraderie among employees, especially if the sponsored club achieves success.


Your Value Proposition

Presenting your club as a valuable "partnership" builds a positive reputation. Your club can provide the reassurance that sponsors look for, by strongly articulating that your club:

  • Displays social responsibility and upholds strong core values.

  • Advocates for health and fitness, emphasising its role in enhancing members' overall well-being.

  • Serves as a robust marketing and communications channel.

  • Resides at the core of its local community.

  • Demonstrates awareness of its community’s demographics, activities, and needs.

  • Actively expands its community and audience.

  • Holds influence over its community and, when applicable, extends influence into broader businesses.

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