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Who to Approach for Sponsorship

Finding the right sponsor

When seeking sponsorship for your sports club, identifying potential partners can be categorised into two main groups: local and national. Tailoring your approach to each category is essential for establishing meaningful and effective collaborations that align with your club's goals and reach.


Begin your sponsorship outreach by focusing on individuals within your local community who are already familiar with or have a keen interest in your club or sport. This group may include existing members, fans, or local businesses. Utilise your CRM database to identify members who own businesses, showcasing your appreciation for their potential contribution. Offering sponsorship exclusivity to local businesses demonstrates the value you place on their support.


Exploring potential national sponsors offers an extensive pool of opportunities. Streamline your approach by categorising companies based on industries, allowing for a more focused assessment of which organisations align best with your club. Here are some examples of how you can categorise industries for a more effective sponsorship outreach.

  • Hospitality

  • Education

  • Property

  • Media

  • Manufacturing

  • National Retailers

  • Transport

  • Professional services

Consider the individuals within your club who will handle the sales calls. In many sports clubs, one employee or committee member often plays various roles. Consult your team to identify anyone with sales experience or comfort in this area to determine the best fit for this role.

When approaching an individual from the potential sponsor organisation, take into account the size of the business you are contacting. If it is a small local business, consider reaching out to a senior staff member, such as the owner. For national businesses, target employees in the marketing department. Additionally, explore the possibility of connecting with the person responsible for CSR if the national company has a presence in your community.

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