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Income Generation

What are your options?

Effective financial management is essential for sports clubs, to address both the day to day running of your club, but also future plans. Stability is achieved by diversifying income sources, including membership fees, sponsorship, fundraising, commercial activities, and grant funding.


A comprehensive strategy ensures not only financial sustainability but also actively contributes to community engagement and development.

  1. Membership Fees

Many sports clubs heavily rely on membership fees as a primary revenue source. It is crucial to set appropriate pricing that not only covers day-to-day operational costs but also allows for a surplus to help enhance and develop the club. When determining fees, consider factors such as competitiveness within the local area and make sure they reflect the value the club provides to its members.

​2. Sponsorships

Securing sponsorships will establish a mutually beneficial relationship between your sports club and sponsors. However, it demands dedicated effort in terms of time and resources. Sponsorship can be categorised into three key areas: financial sponsors, media sponsors (promotional partners), and in-kind sponsors.

  • Financial Sponsorship: This is the most common type where individuals or organizations contribute money directly to your club, supporting projects, individuals, the entire club, or acquiring equipment.


  • Media Sponsorship: Similar to financial sponsorship, but instead of providing financial support, media sponsors offer advertising space, coverage, and promotional support. This type is usually not directly tied to an individual.


  • In-kind Sponsorship: In this form, sponsors provide goods instead of monetary support.


Before starting to pitch to sponsors, review and evaluate potential opportunities at your club to determine whether or not they are sponsorable. Exploring partnerships with local businesses or organizations can create mutually beneficial arrangements that support both parties.

3. Fundraising

Fundraising, predominantly through events, is another way of generating income. Not only do they raise money, but they are also an effective way to engage club members and foster a sense of unity. Innovative and exciting events not only capture attention but also encourage community involvement. Events can range from traditional activities like charity runs to more unique and creative initiatives tailored to the club's identity and community.


​4. Commercial Activities

Your club can participate in commercial activities by selling products or services, both within and outside the club. Identifying the needs within the community will contribute to the success of your commercial activities.


5. Grant Funding

Seeking financial support through grant funding is an avenue for clubs with specific needs, such as facility improvements or programme development. Organisations such as Sport England offer diverse funding opportunities. Clubs should thoroughly explore and understand the requirements of various grant programmes to align their needs with available resources.

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