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How to Select A Sponsor

Selection Criteria

When developing any kind of third-party relationships, it is important to be clear of what your club is looking for and needs from its sponsors.


Yes, income is probably your biggest driver, but sponsors can deliver so much more.


Sadly, some sponsors can take advantage of clubs, so it is therefore critical to ensure your sponsorships are balanced and equal. We suggest when implementing a sponsorship strategy and then when selecting your sponsorships, that you have a clear range of selection criteria in place.


This creates clarity so that everyone within your club is on the same page and that your sponsors understand from the outset what you expects.


It’s all about setting and managing expectation from the outset.  We suggest that any arrangement with a sponsor should meet at least 3 of the below selection criteria. 

Sponsorships will:

  • Raise the awareness and profile of your club.

  • Be measurable to both your club and the sponsor.

  • Generate income and/or measurable cash equivalent value to reinvest back into your business to deliver on activity.

  • Be with strong, viable, credible, reputable companies that enhances your organisation’s credibility via association.

  • Align with the ethos and mission of your club. This alignment ensures a cohesive and positive association.

  • Resonate with your club's target audience. A sponsor whose products or services appeal to your audience enhances the partnership's effectiveness.

  • Be exclusive or non-exclusive depending on the needs of your club. Exclusive deals may offer higher visibility but limit partnerships with other brands.

Sponsors will:

  • Be committed to community development. Sponsors who prioritise social responsibility and community engagement contribute positively to your club's image.

  • Be financially secure and therefore more likely to fulfill their commitments and provide consistent support over the partnership's duration.

  • Share a long-term vision for the partnership. Building enduring relationships ensures stability and continuity in support for your sports club.

  • Enhance the promotional aspect of the partnership.

  • Have a positive history of supporting sports clubs or relevant events. A track record of successful sponsorships indicates a higher likelihood of a fruitful partnership.

  • Have clear objectives for the partnership. Understanding their goals helps tailor the collaboration to meet both parties' expectations.

  • Adhere to legal and ethical standards. Avoid associations with sponsors whose practices could harm your club's reputation.

  • Be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. A dynamic partnership requires sponsors willing to evolve with the club's needs and objectives.

  • Be a reputable brands enhances your club's credibility and can attract additional support.

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